Female Pickup Lines

Can I put the thick in your dick?

I’m not feeling well…I think I need a dose of Penis-illin

You look like a hard worker. I have an opening you can fill

Are you a candle? Because I’m going to blow you out.

I'm having a sale in my bedroom - my clothes are all 100% off

What's your name? Because I'll be screaming it all night long

I've got the buns, do you have the hot dog

Do you know what'd look good on you? Me

Want to give me an australian kiss? It's like french kissing, but you're going down under

If my right leg was christmas and my left was Easter, would you like to spend some time between the holidays

Are you a burger cuz you can be the meat between my buns

Are my undies showing? ['No.'] Would you like them to?